solar eclipse temple

solar eclipse temple

construction // lighting design

Design: Gerard Minakawa and the Bamboo DNA team
Materials: Ponderosa Pine, Bamboo, Stone, mixed woods
Dimensions: 300' dia x 56' tall

Over 40,000 people came together at Big Summit Prairie, Oregon, to view the total solar eclipse in August 2017 as part of the Symbiosis Festival. I worked as part of the construction team for the Solar Eclipse Temple for a month in the wilderness. In addition to being part of the construction crew, I designed the fixtures used to light the terraces.


a temple in the forest -

Two gateways, "Big Brother" and "Little Sister", are oriented along the path of the eclipse and symbolize the cyclical relationship between our sun and moon, masculine and feminine, light and dark. Seen from an eagle's eye, the central stone circle eclipses a rising sun made of pink sand while the terraced concentric lines of the amphitheater accentuate the radiating influence of both elements.