placeholder mag

Placeholder Mag BREAD Fundraiser

Branding / Made using Illustrator


BREAD stands for Backing Resources for Emerging Artists Democratically (B.R.E.A.D) and it is the first fundraiser dinner party by Placeholder Mag. Think Shark Tank, but anti-capitalist, democratic, and with a goal of supporting the arts community in Stockton.


Placeholder Magazine

is a fiercely independent voice covering contemporary arts, culture, and literature. They are a Central Valley-based not-for-profit arts organisation led entirely by volunteers. Through print and digital mediums, we provide an accessible forum for diverse voices.

I worked for Placeholder as a designer for their first annual BREAD fundraiser, where I collaborated with the collective to produce a graphic identity and materials to distribute for the event. This logo was featured on merchandise, on several websites, and in all marketing. 



The first annual BREAD fundraiser was a success and one local artist was awarded a $1000 grant for a community-based project.

I designed the graphics and branding language that was used during the campaign.