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i am a real guy wanting a real connection

Made using Illustrator, cyanotype process, found content

A cyanotype is a preserved impression of the shadow forms that, after connecting briefly with paper, only continue to exist in the ghosts of their outlines. A finished print is a blue-bruised negative snapshot of the objects which made contact only transiently.

Whereas cyanotypes record the shadows of objects placed on paper, craigslist personal ads record the shadow lives and most vulnerable desires of those around us.

This collection juxtaposes the meticulous beauty of exposed plant structures with the grotesque vulnerablitity of humans openly seeking intimacy. The elegance and universality of natural and commonplace plants is paralleled with the equally universal yet elusive search for human connection. The desire for human connection is made hideous, and our empathy and ability to relate is disorted to the point of absurdity.

While the beauty of the cyanotype lays in their exposure of natural processes, the natural human search for belonging and intimacy is skewed, made ugly, and even comical as it is stripped of social convention and laid bare in the vast cyber void.