Alma Mater [Bounteous Mother]

Alma Mater [Bounteous Mother]

llustrator, InDesign, vinyl

Alma Mater [Bounteous Mother] proclaims the influential legacy paved by womxn artists of UC Davis. This exhibition showcases a survey of the Manetti Shrem Museum collection including works on display dating from 1969 to 2012, all which were made by female MFA Alumni. It is the first comprehensive exhibition of its kind, featuring 20 women who graduated from the Masters in Fine Arts program in the past six decades, including Deborah Butterfield, Ann Frick Vernon, Kathy Butterly, Hong Chun Zheng and Jessica Wimbley.

Painting, photography, sculpture and mixed media comprise the exhibition. It also celebrates and highlights two dates critical to UC Davis: the 60-year anniversary of the Art Department, and the arrival of Ruth Horsting, the first woman sculptor hired by the University of California in 1959.

The speech bubble embodies the power to speak and to be visible, reflecting the driving concept behind the exhibition. 

Alma Mater [Bounteous mother] was chosen for its implication that the university is in itself a sort of female figure, as the phrase traditionally translates. The phrase womxn masters has a double meaning pertaining to both MFA graduates as well as masters meaning figures of authority, expertise, and significance.